Project Description

Project description
Mooky – web application

Project description
Mooky – web application

Goal ☝️

To create proof of concept for “Mooky” project and translate client thoughts into real results as an web-based application with clean UI.

Result 🏆

As a result, the design of the first version of the application was created for demonstration on the market and testing the idea of the concept.


This app would enrich your experience of translating a book and make it more memorable. This way you would gain more colourful, emotional and brilliant aspects that reading plain text. This is a hybrid between reading, skimming or listening the content of the story, which would provide you more options on how you receive the information. Thanks to this app, authors are able to give you more insight on the book and share extra details, which you could not experience by classical reading.

Mooky is an web-based application, so you can read everywhere!

Simple and unique

Mooky is a web-based application, which is very easy to use. By signing up using common details, user will get free Mooky in Mookytheek (Library) and begin their exciting adventure in any chosen story with various content fragments. It has quite simple search engine and optimized for any age or audition.

New experience

Mooky is a masterpiece, which can include from different parts, like video, text, audio and paragraphs read by the author themselves. Therefore, you could experience the same emotion, worry or the spirit of the tale. Due to this variation, user will get new knowledge, which shall keep their attention for a long time and will not leave them moderate.

Mooky content

Find Hearo’s

Look up for an available search of the Hearo’s using a simple filter for your requirements and get in touch straight away!

Look for a workplace

Find available job positions in the desired location and use chat to communicate directly with an employer.

Customizable experience

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See prototype
example in

See prototype
example in Figma.

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