Project Description

Project description
Project volger – web application

Project description
Project volger – web application

Goal ☝️

To produce the design of the web-application, which would be used to communicate with tenants and provide necessary information during any construction site projects.

Result 🏆

Personally, I have created detailed design for very large platform called “Project-volger”. Alongside, I been working on a mobile design and extended browser support for the future of the product.


“Project-volger“ provides all the functionality for the clear interaction with your project. It would be possible to create a database and keep clients informative. This web-app has been specifically created for the environment, clients, safety managers, architectures and builders.

No installation is required to use this application

Share important updates

Project volger places a strong emphasis on the positive developments of your construction project through the possibility to publish diffrent content as photos, videos and documents.

Listen to your enviroment

With the Project volger, residents of
your construction project can contact the area manager at any time with a question, complaint or compliment.

Analyze your efforts

The Project volger offers you a professional management module with which you can immediately view the most important statistics and create reports.

Design system

Current project has got a huge potential to be expanded in the future and would prove its usefulness. Thanks to this prospective, I have created a unified design system, which would allow to create a product with a prepared style and save a unique theme to it. As an example, please check the Figma below.

Thanks for watching!

See prototype
example in

See prototype example in Figma.

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